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The performance of the VanishProp has been investigated through advanced CFD studies.

Results from the full scale CFD test (click on illustration for enhancement) for the prototype version showed good correlation with the standard B series investigation. The results are not exactly the same, which was expected, as the blade design on the VanishProp is very far from being standard. The relatively low blade area ratio (about 22 %) and the extreme back skew of the blades, together with the very special rake that able the blades to “collapse into each other”, does not destroy the propellers ability to deliver adequate thrust with a very high efficiency.

A VanishProp made for a bulb keel with only 300 mm in diameter will have a propelled outer diameter of 700 mm. This dimensional relationship will be the same for all sizes. It will, however, be possible to make a VanishProp with even more blades and thereby a better area-ratio. The case seen in the illustration shows a good balance between thrust, speed and bulb size. 

Please contact us for further calculations regarding other bulb diameters. Note that the VanishProp can be build in in either end of the bulb or in both if desired.

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