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Sub Sea

Benefits of using the VanishProp for sub sea vessels:

The VanishProp utilizes an effective propelled area that is approx. 4,5 times bigger than the propellers that drones currently use if they have to hide behind a torpedo shaped body.

That gives the VanishProp the benefit of:

  • High bollard pull capability
  • Highly effective propulsion as the propeller operates in almost no wake

The VanishProp can be installed in both ends of a drone and with the possibility of contra rotating effect. That results in:

  • Very high efficiency
  • A redundant system for safe return to port if another propulsion system fails
  • Balancing out the counter moment, which costs energy to align in systems with only one propeller
  • Fouling on the propeller blades is no longer a problem. The blades either rotate or live their lives in complete darkness



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