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Technical specifications

The VanishProp consists of a number of foldable hydrodynamically optimized blades mounted on a hub, containing a mechanism that allows it to both retract and extract the blades. It, furthermore, contains a mechanism that can encase the propeller in a shell, which is flush with the vessel. This leaves only a minimal gap between the rotating and non-rotating body.
The blades
The special shape of the blades allows for the blades to fold perfectly and overlap each other. The blades are of a modern high skew design with very high efficiency. These blades work in an undisturbed flow with no (or very little) wake from a vessel body in front. As the propeller extends from the body that it propels, the efficiency  deduction from the the resistance of the propeller hub is not present.
Technological advantages when integrated on a vessel

  • Minimum resistance from propeller
  • Energy efficiency – for reasons mentioned above
  • Minimal noise and vibrations – perfect for direct drive electrical application with no gearbox etc
  • Elimination of the large engine room in the middle of the boat (when used for yachts)
  • Easy to repair – a damaged propeller blade can be changed by a diver
  • Easy to obtain an alternative pitch – simply change to a set of blades with different pitch
  • Protection of the propeller from damage when not in use (retracted)
  • No marine fouling of propeller blades. The blades either turn or live in encapsulated darkness – also a reason for higher efficiency
  • If the VanishProp is installed as a redundant propeller or propulsion system on a vessel/drone etc., the unit is not only very well protected, but can also be installed with the purpose of operating with another (higher or lower) pitch than the main propulsion system in order so solve other task for the vessel (e.g. for pulling tasks or operation with a very different speed).

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